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What is the true meaning of charity?

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What is the true meaning fo charity

What is the true meaning of charity?

To define the word, Charity or ‘Caritas’ is derived from the adjective “carus” meaning “dear”. It is  an act of kindness and compassion in one’s faith. 

But, what is the true meaning of charity? 

A charity is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide money, food, or assistance to those in need, or to conduct activities such as medical research that will benefit those in need.  

The true meaning of charity is about making a difference in someone’s life, which can encompass both large and small-scale charitable efforts. Consider how you can help just one person, in addition to typical ways of giving back. If you donated to a charity, small or big, you surely helped one or more less fortunate. 

Knowing what cause you wanted to support is vital to your donations. As with many other aspects of life, having a defined goal is a great way to start something, especially when it comes to donations.

For us here in Brittany’s Backpack Ministry, our primary goal is to help students in need of school supplies and backpacks. As we know, it’s much harder for children to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom if they are not equipped with the right tools to begin with. We also have provided foods, toiletries, and other essential items to families in the underserved community.

Know the charities to whom you donate because an effective donor knows where their donations go and how the charities they donate operate. You don’t want to choose the first name of a charity you come across on the internet without first looking into their mission, programs, and how they distribute the donations they receive. The real charity that you can trust is very transparent on their mission and won’t give you any trouble with informing you about what happens to your donation once they get it. 

Spreading the word to others can turn you into a real-life hero, because being a donor also entails championing your cause to those around you. The more people get involved with donating, the more your chosen cause can do in the long run.